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1.00 Church Perspective, Policy, and Commitments 1.01 Church Perspective Child abuse affects the lives of thousands of children every year in the United States. Churches too often have been negligent in the screening, education and training of their children and youth workers. The result has been tragic either because of false accusations, or the failure to protect a child in need. We recognize a high responsibility for our ministry programs for preschool, children and youth, and for the actions of all those who work with them. Court decisions are holding churches liable when they failed to properly screen their volunteers, educate their workers, or provide adequate supervision. Yet our accountability to law is almost nothing compared to our spiritual accountability to God and our community for the children entrusted to our love, nurture and care. 1.02 Church Policy It is the church’s commitment to make our facilities and programming a safe and nurturing place for all of our preschoolers, children, and youth. Our commitment to our preschoolers, children, and youth, and their parents, is to assure that specific policies and procedures are implemented to screen, train and supervise preschool, children, and youth workers. Through this screening, training, and supervision, our goal is to prevent any incidents from occurring, and hence support effective, caring ministries that continue to lead individuals to a personal relationship with Christ. 1.03 Church Commitments A. Commitment to Reporting: The church requires that members, staff and volunteers report inappropriate conduct, whether it rises to the level of abuse or not. B. Commitment to Accepting Complaints: The church shall clearly identify persons (and alternates) to whom child abuse reports, complaints, or concerns can be made. C. Commitment to Action: The church is committed to take immediate and effective action through protection measures, investigations, and disciplinary action (where appropriate) when suspicions, allegations, or complaints are received or incidents of improper conduct occur. This is essential to protect both the alleged victim and the accused. Question: The church requires that members, staff, and volunteers report any inappropriate conduct.

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